Rodent Guys Reviews

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Rodent Guys Reviews

Thank you to our customers who have written reviews for us and have recommended us to their friend, family and neighbors. Here are some of the comments we have received through email, phone calls and online reviews.

"I had a problem with gophers in my backyard. It had been going on for a year or more. Then I recently saw evidence of activity in my front yard, and knew I had to take action. Contacted the company, and they treated my yard, hillsides, front yard, and back. I opted for two treatments, to take care of any survivors. Its been about a month since the service, and so far, so good. The gopher guy was very knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with." - from Angies List

"His name is Nick and he is the owner. He was perfect. He was very nice. He came along and did the job. He was right on time. It was a good price. He was thorough. He dealt with my elderly parents. He was very friendly. He was a nice family guy. My parents are 86 and 87 and they need help so I set it up for them. My dad sent me an email to say that he was very impressed with Nick and that he was an honest guy. The pricing was fair. He is well-qualified for this and is very experienced." - from Angies List

"Had a gopher problem since last spring that my husband was trying to take care of with no success. Nick was referred to us by my cousin who used him and he came out about two months ago or so and placed some sort of bait or poison in the gopher holes and we have not seen a gopher since. He estimated we had about 7 or 8 gophers which surprised us we thought we had 100 LOL. Anyway we will use Rodent Guy again and recommend to anyone with gophers." - from Yahoo

"Rodent Guys Pest Control came to my house in Claremont and did a great job. I then hired them for two rentals, one in Upland and one in Pomona and they did all that was promised for a what felt was a good rate. I continue to use them." - from Yahoo

"I had gopher mounds or mole mounds all over my 2 acre yard in the back. I called one of the big companies out and they said I had pocket gophers. I asked how much to remove gophers or remove moles which ever I had and the price was so high I almost punched the guy. My neighbor recommended Rodent Guys to remove the gophers because I had no idead how to get rid of gophers and they came out and was almost half the price. They did two treatments of some sort of gopher patrol and all was fine for about three weeks. I then noticed some new gopher holes in yard and I called Rodent Guys and they said it was not a problem. They came out and did their gopher patrol treatment again and yard is clean of gopher holes or mole holes. I am quite pleased on the gopher removal program they have. I would sure love to have them come out and get rid of my racoon, ground squirrels, skunks, rattle snakes, and rats. HAHA! Great pest control company, will hire again." - from Yahoo
Thank you for using Rodent Guys for your gopher control, mole control and ground squirrel control.

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Rodent Guys Reviews
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