Mole Removal

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MOLE REMOVAL:  Rodent Guys are familiar with the latest mehods for mole removal.  We using both trapping and poison methods for  eliminating moles from your yard, school, business, farm or vinyard.  We get many calls for mole removal which ends up being gopher damage when we arrive to the property.  Rodent Guys can tell right away if you have gophers or moles and how to do the proper techniques for each pest.

Moles normally will leave trails made from shallow tunneling they dig through your garden, lawn or dirt.  In lawns these tunnels can kill the grass by pushing the roots out of the dirt and the grass can not get enough water and nutrients.  In most cases the tunnels will be noticed along the sidewalk or other hardscape, around trees or rocks.  Once a mole hits a hard surface it will normally follow along it while it tunnels.

These tunnels are the moles feed tunnels.  They go back through these tunnels looking for worms and other insects it can find.  Some of these tunnels are reused, and some are gone through once and never used again.  We have the techniques to find the right tunnels and the know how for proper mole removal.

We will use either traps, poison or a combination to elimiate moles from your property.  We determine our methods based on the environment at your property.  Mole removal is normally performed with two trips.

Please call us for more information or click our MOLE PAGE for more information on moles and mole removal.

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