Burrow Blasting

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What is burrow blasting? This gopher control method is called by different names like burrow blasting, burrow blaster, rodentator, varmitgetter, gopher blaster, gopher blasting, rodent blaster and others. We use the Varmitgetter for this organic method of gopher control.

This poison free gopher control
uses near pure oxygen and a small amount of propane that is injected into the gopher burrow, squirrel burrow, mole burrow or any other animal's burrow. Once a correct amount of oxygen and gas is injected it is shut off and then ignited. The blast causes tremendous pressure inside the sealed burrow and this force kills the rodent instantly with no poisons or harmfull chemicals. If a big enough blast is used this proceedure will also destroy the gopher tunnels or rodents burrow system.

This method is used on large residential properties, horse stables, golf courses, cemetaries, schools, vinyards or any other place burrowing rodents exist. Caution must be used in tall dry grass, under sidewalks, fuel sources and other places a blast may cuase damage. When used properly, the noise from the blast will be mild and can be used in residential areas. It is recommended to notify ajoining properties of upcoming burrow blasting to be a "good neighbor".

More information on gopher blasting
(burrow blasting) using Varmitgetter.

School Gopher Control
If you are a school official trying to find a way to control gophers, ground squirrels or other burrowing pests at your school yards Rodent Guys has many methods to help. Burrow Blasting for gopher control offers a way to get rid of gophers on your athletic fields as well as destroying the burrows to slow down reinfestation givng a longer term control of gophers. This rodent control method is safe for children since there is no poisons or traps used for them to get into. We can do our gopher eradication during shcool, after school or on the weekends to accomodate your schedule.

Residential Gopher Control
Homeowners that are interested in using the Varmitgetter for thier gopher control should consider if there are any sensitive areas around the gopher population. There are some situations where using this method can be challenged such as next to a glass greenhouse, next to a swimming pool, under patios or places an underground blast could cause damage. However, in area where there is no such problems this is a good long term control method normally appealing to people who do not want to use poisons because of pets and environmental concerns as well as people looking for ways to destroy the gopher tunnels.

Farms, Vinyards and MultiAcre Gopher Control
These large properties is perfect for blowing up gopher mounds. These properties are large and many would like to organic or as organic as reasonably possible. This is a good solution for those looking for such a method. Although propane is used for the controlled explosion it's percentage in the formula is very small. The highly enriched oxygen injected is what give the "power" behind the blast and very little propane is need to cause the explosion. No secondary poison or anything else would harm crops or wildlife. Since the tunnels are destroyed, reinfestation is prolonged making this a good gopher control for long term thinkers. It also makes finding new activity easier since the tunnels are destroyed new gophers must re-dig their way in and therfore leave evidence of their presence.

Golf Course Gopher Control
Golf courses can take advantage of burrow blasting on the roughs and outer areas to reduce gopher reinfestation and make future gophers re-dig. Re-digging is a big advantage because now they can not come in undetected and can be dealt with as soon as they arrive and before major damage. A golf course may consider using Rodent Guys for burrow blasting every 3 months or so to eliminate tunnels for this reason. Using burrow blasting as a supplemental gopher control can keep costs down while keeping control optimized and remember no need to give notice of intent when no poisons are used.

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