Gopher Removal

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Gopher Removal:
  Rodent Guys specialize in gopher control and gopher removal.  We have several methods to remove gophers from your yard, business, school, park, farm or vinyard.  Our gopher removal methods include poison, gas (where allowed), trapping and burrow blasting.  We will discuss your situation and come up with the best gopher removal method for you.  We are based in La Verne, CA and cover a large service area including Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County.  Please visit our gopher page for more information on gophers.

Gophers can do a lot of damage to your property by eating the vegetation and burrowing in the soil leaving mounds on the surface.  If the mounds are left on top of the soil it can choke the grass and kill it.  The tunnels can also make walking on the ground a challenge from cave-ins while walking.  This can be very dangerous for children running, elderly and even livestock stepping into these holes and twisting an ancle and falling.

In Southern California pocket gophers can have up to 3 liters per year and 5-6 pups per liter.  This means gopher removal is crucial to keep your yard from being eaten by these rodents.  Since gophers are solitary, once they are of age they are forced out of the den by mom and they start to dig their own burrows.  When this happens you would think there was an explosion of gophers with new mounds and damage all over your yard.  Trying to do gopher removal prior to this happening will save a lot of time and effort to get gopher control.

Gopher poison is the main method by most pest control companies that specialize in gophers because of the highly effective gopher poison availble to us.  In areas where gas (Fumitoxin) is allowed this is the method of choice for those properly licenced like Rodnet Guys is.  However, trapping is a very effective way to remove gophers from your property.  The drawback to trapping is the extra labor, digging of the lawns and repeated trips which drives up the cost over poison methods.  We also use burrow blasting which is blowing up the gopher tunnel systems with propane and oxygen.  This method is normally used in large properties and farms.

We are effecient in all the above gopher control methods.  Most of the work we do is gopher removal.  Please feel free to call us with any questions about gophers, molessquirrels and our gopher removal process.

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